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Accredited Course Directory : If you are thinking about training to be a therapist, visit our Student Pages BACP Student Pages You can also contact us for more ...

Based in West Sussex, Cara Counselling Training provide CPCAB Accredited courses. If you are thinking about training to be a therapeutic counsellor, require ...

For further information about these official bodies please see the presentation u0027Training to be a Counselling Psychologistu0027 ... in Counselling Psychology ...

training to be a psychologist


It is by no mistake that youve come across my webpage. Theres a very good chance that you or someone you love is struggling with an emotional or family problem, not knowing where to turn. Possibly youve been to therapists and counselors in the past, and youve been disappointed by the lack of concern and care. It is my firm belief that no one deserves to endure the pain of psychological affliction, especially when real help is available. I do everything within my means to ensure my clients success, and if you happen to be struggling, I want to extend the same help to you. Dont hesitate to contact my office, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and God bless you. Dr. Sahar Sara Teimoori Clinical Therapist and Psy.D.

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